MS Walk 2010

This year I joined a team for the MS Walk to support my friend Kim Adams and all the people with multiple sclerosis who need help financially to get through life and to help increase funding for research so that one day they will find a cure.

By supporting our team, you can make a difference in the life of someone with multiple sclerosis. Proceeds from MS Society fundraising events provide support and services to help those living with this disease, their families and caregivers as well as fund research with three primary goals: to find a cause and cure for MS, repair nervous system damage caused by MS and stop MS attacks.

Here is my friend KIM's story:

"It was less than two years ago when I was diagnosed with MS. Doing this walk the first time I barely finished and struggled the following days. A year later, thanks in part to support from family and friends, I have become incredibly strong, improved so much, and learned so many lessons. It will just keep getting better! You can make a difference in the life of a person living with multiple sclerosis. The impact of this devastating disease is felt by family, friends and by the community. MS is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Not everyone has it as easy as me. The progress we've made towards ending multiple sclerosis in the past few decades has been significant, and most importantly, hope for finding a cause and cure is at an all-time high. You can be a part of finding that cure. It's always a blast, and we usually finish last because we goof around and have loads of fun along the way (human totem poles, chocolate milk relay, doing the YMCA with Lord Stanley...)! If you can't make it to the walk, please sponsor Team Tiger! HUGS!"

Together, Kim and I believe we will end multiple sclerosis, and with your help we can get there. Please give generously.

Thanks a lot!~

MS Walk - Online Pledge Form


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