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BlackBerry Vs. iPhone - Which One Will My Thumbs Play With?

It all started a little over four years ago when the iPhone was not yet available in Canada. I had only seen iPhones through some friends who managed to bring them across the border and then got them unlocked at a local Chinese market. Back then, the iPhone was something to be adored and admired. Everyone in Canada wanted one but only a few could have it. In 2006 I was rocking a Sony Ericsson T610 and even though it was a solid phone it seemed quite obsolete when compared to the smart-phones everyone was starting to talk about.  Sony Ericsson T610 Nobody knew exactly whether the iPhone was ever going to be officially available in Canada and after a year and a half of waiting for it I ended up cheating on my dream to own one and decided to get a pink BlackBerry Pearl instead. I wanted to browse the internet on my mobile device and use things like Facebook and MySpace and the Pearl was certainly good enough to do so. I must admit that even though I was quite disappointed for bot b