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The New iPhone 4 - Is It A Lemon?

Those of you who know me in person know exactly how long I have been waiting to update to the new iPhone 4 . The new iPhone has some amazing features as previously discussed on this post , however it seems that now that it has been officially released problems have started to arise. The first and biggest problem in my opinion is the fact that people are having reception issues when they hold the phone in a way that covers both of the external antennas. Carrier signals start to decrease and eventually calls may be dropped altogether. I have read over 40 pages of forum posts at macrumors in which people show links to videos and newspaper articles that either deny or ratify this problem. The problem is thoroughly explained in the following video: To make things even more dramatic, Steve Jobs himself replied to an iPhone 4 user's e-mail in which he tells the user to simply "avoid holding the phone in that way" - This was first reported by Engadget and it has caused a

iOS 4 in 10 minutes - TiPb video quick-start guide

For those of you who just installed the new iOS4 yesterday, here are some tips from our friends over at The iPhone Blog (TiPb) to make the most of it - I really enjoyed this video because it is concise and thorough. I hope you find it helpful too! Happy iPhone 4 day tomorrow to all our visitors from the US! We will join in the fun next month - I CANNOT WAIT!

iPhone4 - My New Obsession

On June 7, 2010 Apple's CEO Steve Jobs gave a keynote at the WWDC to release the new iOS4 (iPhone Operating System 4) and the new and greatly improved iPhone 4 . Millions of people (myself included) had been waiting for a very long time to see what Apple had come up with this time around and I must say I am not disappointed. The new iPhone 4 will be available for pre-order in the U.S. on June 15 and for sale on June 24. Unfortunately for us Canadians, the iPhone won't get here until "sometime" in July. That announcement is my biggest disappointment at this time. How did Canada not make the cut for countries that would be getting the iPhone in June? (US, UK, Germany, Japan and France).   Canada has a huge cell phone market with more than three different providers selling the iPhone ( Bell , Telus and Rogers ) but for some reason that simply wasn't good enough. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. Some of the main new features on the iPhone4 include: F

BlackBerry Vs. iPhone - Which One Will My Thumbs Play With?

It all started a little over four years ago when the iPhone was not yet available in Canada. I had only seen iPhones through some friends who managed to bring them across the border and then got them unlocked at a local Chinese market. Back then, the iPhone was something to be adored and admired. Everyone in Canada wanted one but only a few could have it. In 2006 I was rocking a Sony Ericsson T610 and even though it was a solid phone it seemed quite obsolete when compared to the smart-phones everyone was starting to talk about.  Sony Ericsson T610 Nobody knew exactly whether the iPhone was ever going to be officially available in Canada and after a year and a half of waiting for it I ended up cheating on my dream to own one and decided to get a pink BlackBerry Pearl instead. I wanted to browse the internet on my mobile device and use things like Facebook and MySpace and the Pearl was certainly good enough to do so. I must admit that even though I was quite disappointed for bot b

How SocialSpark Gets Everyone Talking

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA . All opinions are 100% mine. Yesterday I made the conscious decision to further promote my blog in order to get more readers and followers. I really enjoy the art of writing and as such I believe that blogs are a very effective medium of communication for sharing ideas and knowledge with people from all different walks of life. In my search for tools to promote my blog I was introduced to SocialSpark by my dear friend Navjot - I must confess that until that moment I was not familiar with SocialSpark or their services. However, my eagerness to learn pushed me to join them almost immediately after finding out what they were all about. The sign up process was very straight-forward and the overall layout of their website is extremely user-friendly and cheerful. To summarize, they ask you some questions about the nature of your blog, the topics you like to blog about, and also a bit about yourself in order to get the full pic


Everybody I know who has an iPhone or BlackBerry wants this app. I know there are probably at least a hundred thousand people in Canada who want this app. Apple has this app listed on the Canadian page for the iPhone. What is the reason LOOPT has not released this app in Canada? Sign this petition or this one to let LOOPT know how much Canadians want this! Thanks a lot!