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Dreams DO come true!

Recently, I feel like my life has taken a 180 degree turn and that all things have finally fallen into place. In fact, everything is so perfect and smooth that it feels like I am living in a dream. If someone would have approached me two or three years ago and asked me where I would be living in the future I probably wouldn't have guessed it would be where I am now. A few months ago, my husband @guccisimo and I decided to start the journey of moving from Surrey back to downtown Vancouver. We started by noting the neighbourhoods and buildings we would like the most and by visiting SEVERAL open houses to narrow it down to a few select areas. The process of moving was very intense as we had to list our Surrey place and hope that it would sell fast so that we could start living our dream of waking up to the Vancouver skyline sooner rather than later. Thankfully, we have a family friend and realtor who managed to sell our condo in under three weeks. At that point we could almost ta