Teeth Whitening - Is It Worth It?

A few weeks ago I reviewed Aria Dental, the clinic of my new dentist Dr. Mehio. Since I was a new patient to his dental studio I qualified for the special price of $299.00 for Zoom whitening - something I couldn't pass by. My husband @guccisimo had gotten it done two days before our wedding almost three years ago now and the results were drastic. I had never gotten my teeth whitened before and for that reason I was feeling excited/worried/curious. Dr. Mehio answered all my questions before getting started with the procedure. He explained to me that the old Zoom whitening procedure used an acidic solution and that it could damage your teeth's enamel but that Zoom has since revised the procedure and there is now only one known side effect: teeth sensitivity.

Teeth Whitening Simulation - Before and After

The process itself is quite straight-forward. First, the dentist makes sure you don't have any problems with your roots or that there are no cracks in your teeth. IF there are any issues, those specific teeth would be isolated and not become a part of the treatment. Once that has been checked, he/she would proceed to give you a mouth extender and fill your mouth with cotton to protect your gums and tongue. Second, the dentist then applies a coating to your teeth that will react with the Zoom light to whiten your teeth. Finally, you are exposed to the Zoom light for four periods of 15 minutes each. Some patients can only tolerate one or two periods as they may have teeth that are more prone to sensitivity. Personally, I did not feel anything until the third round of light. I could have stopped at three rounds but I wanted to see drastic results so I decided to continue all the way... and BOY was it worth it!! (you'll see pics below)

I won't deny that yesterday was a challenging day as my teeth were quite sore and I wasn't even sure I could eat. We went to Olympia on Denman Street (my favourite Greek restaurant) and I had a delicious roast lamb sitting in front of me - so in spite of the sensitivity the temptation was too great and I had to dig in. The funny thing is that the sensitivity you get from Zoom whitening doesn't seem to be affected by chewing as I originally would have thought. Instead, it's a feeling that just comes and goes regardless of what you do.

I am happy to report that this morning my teeth feel almost normal again. Dr. Mehio gave me a gel to help with the sensitivity and I also bought a toothpaste called Colgate Sensitive. Between the two my teeth are almost back to normal... WAIT... did I say normal... never mind... they are WHITE-as-snow-normal now hahaha. I couldn't be happier with the results. Yes, there was some pain along the way but it was very much worth it!

Teeth Whitening - Actual Results (DO NOT LAUGH AT MY FACES!! HAHAHA)


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