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Toy Story 3 - The Toys Are Certainly Back!

When I heard that Pixar and Disney were adding a new volume to the Toy Story saga I wasn't overly excited. I thought the days of Woody and Buzz Lightyear were numbered and that newer and better things had come along since then. Boy was I wrong... The magic of Pixar becomes evident right from the previews where a short animated film called Day & Night is featured. The message behind Day & Night is that we always fear those who are different from us. This may be a simple lesson but it is nonetheless an extremely true and often forgotten one. You must watch this short film to appreciate the true beauty behind it. It is amazing! In Toy Story 3, all the classic characters are back only to find that Andy, the boy they always loved and admired, is all grown up and ready to go to college. The toys are scared of being abandoned by Andy and for that reason they embark on a crazy adventure that will have you laughing, shouting, holding on to your seat and crying... yes... I said


  I still remember the many times I sat in front of the TV feeling mesmerized by the newest video from the King of pop Michael Jackson. His music and his image were so avant-garde at the time that one's attention could not help but to be captured by them. Twenty years later, it is now almost 2010 and the king is no longer ruling. I was shocked like the rest of us when MJ's death was announced earlier this year and I am certain that the memory of that day will always be with me. I have been reluctant to blog about this as the media frenzy on this issue has been intoxicating enough on its own. Recently however, I went to watch Kenny Ortega 's movie THIS IS IT and I was reminded of the true grandeur of Michael's music and of the importance of writing an article like this to commemorate the many memories I lived through the king's music. Ortega's movie flows really smoothly as it is a documentary and concert hybrid. While sitting at the movie theatre you