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Teeth Whitening - Is It Worth It?

A few weeks ago I reviewed Aria Dental, the clinic of my new dentist Dr. Mehio . Since I was a new patient to his dental studio I qualified for the special price of $299.00 for Zoom whitening - something I couldn't pass by. My husband @guccisimo  had gotten it done two days before our wedding almost three years ago now and the results were drastic. I had never gotten my teeth whitened before and for that reason I was feeling excited/worried/curious. Dr. Mehio answered all my questions before getting started with the procedure. He explained to me that the old Zoom whitening procedure used an acidic solution and that it could damage your teeth's enamel but that Zoom has since revised the procedure and there is now only one known side effect: teeth sensitivity . Teeth Whitening Simulation - Before and After The process itself is quite straight-forward. First, the dentist makes sure you don't have any problems with your roots or that there are no cracks in your teeth.

Aria Dental - How I Plan To Get A Whiter Smile!

My husband @guccisimo and I are somewhat new to the Coal Harbour area and therefore we were looking for a great local dentist to keep our smiles white and healthy. We decided to give Dr. Mehio a try as we had received a couple of pamphlets from Aria Dental in the mail and my best friend had recently visited them too. My first reactions when I walked in the clinic for the first time included amazement and bliss. The folks at Aria Dental really paid attention to every detail in terms of design and client comfort. They have designed a truly beautiful place where patients can go to get healthier teeth. Sara, the receptionist, is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and she will make sure you are fully aware of any hidden costs or charges before they go ahead with any procedures. She will also take care of any insurance claims - mine were sent electronically and therefore there were not upfront costs. Also, I was very impressed with being able to fill out my medical history in an el