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Angry Birds Peace Treaty (VIDEO)

This is one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while! The voices are great and the costumes are incredibly realistic. Anyone who has played Angry Birds on their mobile phone will really enjoy this.  ENJOY!! I laughed sooo hard.  Say what???!!

Japanese tapas anyone? - Zakkushi Restaurant Review

Last night my friend Natalie, my husband and I decided to go out for some tapas at a local Japanese restaurant called Zakkushi. The restaurant is located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood and the vibe is very modern and fun. As soon as you walk in you get greeted by the cheerful staff who yell out something in Japanese to welcome you. The menu selection is quite large as the restaurant offers sushi rolls, skewers, fried rice, noodles and dessert. Here are some photos we took last night. As you can see, the food is nicely presented and the taste is great too. Let me know what you think if you decide to give it a try!

East Is East - True Cultural Dining in Vancouver

I had heard many great things about East Is East before but I had never actually ventured out to try it. The food is a fusion of Indian and Afghani cuisine . The restaurant's vibe is very laid back and the decor very unique (with low wooden tables, banquets, and tapestries on the walls). We ordered the "Feast" for two (below) - a combination of salad, appetizer, and two main dishes. The "Feast" is refillable as many times as you want and at a price of $19 per person it is very reasonable. My favourites were the Lamb Kebab and the Alu Gobi . The Himalayan High milkshake was excellent too - a mixture of mango, pistachio, rosewater and cardamom! Yum! Once we were done with our individual platters we decided to give desert a try. We ended up ordering the Easter Ecstasy (below) - very tasty! To add to an already great dinner we were also entertained by a belly dancer performer!  Overall, I would recommend giving East Is East a try as

Provence. Great brunch in Vancouver's Marina-side.

I have now visited Provence twice in the last month and both times I have been really impressed by the service, location and of course the food on their menu. I am in love with their shrimp and crab cakes eggs benedict . They are to die for! Next time you are on the hunt for a great place to eat brunch give Provence a try. Happy eating!