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I Love Haters

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends at work @lucidlemon lent me a book that she really enjoyed. She mentioned it was very cute but yet naughty at times and that it made reference to the Mexican culture quite often. She also told me that she read it with a Spanish dictionary by her side as she took some lessons in highschool but she still wanted to make sure that she fully understood what all the terms meant.  Needless to say I was intrigued at that point. It had been a while since I last picked up a novel and the title of this one immediately caught my attention. The book I am referring to is called Haters , and the author is Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez - @alisavaldes . This novel depicts the story of an adolescent girl who moves from the quaint town of Taos New Mexico to the glamorous and often plastic Orange County, in order for her dad to make a mark in the animation industry. As one could expect, once in the OC , the protagonist found some extremely beautiful and well put to