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25 Random Things About Me

1. I believe that truly listening to someone can change that person's life for the better. 2. Pink is my favourite colour.  I love to see how people react when I say that. 3. Friendship and family are the single most important things in my life. 4. I truly believe in bi-sexuality. I know some people believe that bisexuals are just people who can't decide to play for one team or another but I believe people fall in love with a soul and not with a gender. 5. I have always loved cats but recently I have been wanting to get a West Highland Terrier "Westie" so I can walk it around on the beach and take it with me. 6. I have cried in several movies, especially in "A Walk to Remember" 7. I love any type of ice cream, but especially chocolate. 8. Music is my drive and my energy. Dancing is my second nature. 9. I am a perfectionist (too the point where it drives people crazy) and I feel that being succesful is something I must achieve before I die.