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Here they are... the reasons why I love Paris Hilton, Onch and Stephen Hampton

I recently decided to change the wallpaper on my computer at work to one of Paris' pictures. At the time, I could have never anticipated the kind of reaction I would get from my co-workers for having done so. Multiple people started asking me (sometimes several times a day) what I liked about Paris Hilton and why I would decide to put a picture of her on my screen at work. I clearly knew the answers to their questions, but their constant interrogation made me reflect on why I love people like Paris Hilton, Onch, and Stephen Hampton - hence this article. Let's start with Paris - several people would come up to my desk and make statements like - she doesn't work, she is just a socialite, she has no real talent - but having gotten to know Paris better than that through interviews, BFF episodes, and most importantly through her official twitter account, I strongly defended her position. Paris IS a talented woman - not everyone can build an entire marketing empir