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Who doesn't love free music?

I really love living in these modern times where new artists can take advantage of social media sites and fan to fan marketing to promote their material. Music is a crucial part of my life and as such I'm always on the hunt for new beats that please my ears. Over the last few days I came across a new artist who allows for you to download his entire CD for free - in return just asking for you to his music amongst your friends and social circles. The name is Simon Curtis , the album is 8bit Heart , and the sound is an electro pop that will make you want to dance as you commute on the bus or drive in your BMW. In my opinion Simon has the whole package: the intriguing geeky-chic look, the androgynous voice, and the great electro beats. Two thumbs up! I hope you enjoy his album as much as I have... and remember... return the favour by spreading the word about him if you are so inclined.