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El Centro - The Center of Vancouver's Taco Universe

As most of you know I was born in Mexico City and moved to Vancouver in 1999. It was definitely a huge culture shock at the time and while I love being a Canadian citizen and enjoying the benefits of a peaceful and violence-free life, there are a lot of things I still miss about Mexico.  The main three things I crave are the warmth of the people, the amazing weather, and the outstanding food. Mexico has one of the richest and most extensive food cultures in the world. Our lives revolve around eating with our friends and relatives and spending hours discussing controversial topics and laughing and singing over a meal. Some of the best food I have ever eaten was made in Mexico and that's mostly because people there are proud to spend two days in the kitchen to prepare something for you - it's the way they show their love. Due to my adoration of Mexican food, I'm always on the hunt for high-quality Mexican spots in Vancouver. Tacos are my weakness and even though I have b