Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carpe Diem, Babies and SUVs

About a month ago my husband's grandmother passed away very suddenly and whether I like to admit it or not, her death changed how I view life in a few ways. Grandma Del was the most vibrant and energetic eighty year old one could ever met. She worked out regularly, dressed to the nines, and could even be reached via e-mail - needless to say I would have never expected for her to leave us so quickly.

Last night, my mother was admitted to the emergency ward as her right arm kept hurting terribly - with Grandma's passing being so recent the only thing on my mind was a heart attack... Thank God, after many hours at the hospital she was told it was not heart-related and that it was due to some sort of inflammation.

Both of these life events have made me realize that we must cherish those we love on a daily basis and that even though things may seem perfectly fine today, nobody knows what tomorrow may bring. Also, by having been more analytic of my own life and the life of those around me, I have recently started to think about the importance and implications of having a child. For that reason, my husband and I have been discussing the different options for having a baby - adoption or insemination. I am turning thirty this year and the desire to teach someone else all I have learned from life has become more imminent than when I was younger.

While going through my twitter timeline I came across, a website in which anyone can digitally manipulate human faces. There is a demo on that website that allows you to see what the baby of any two chosen people would look like - a great concept for gay couples who may never otherwise be able to see what their own baby would look like. I encourage you to try it. Here's ours:

Now... Did I say gay couples may never be able to have their own child earlier on this post? Well... think again! This article explores the possibility that same-sex couples could bear children using entirely their own DNA in the not so distant future! Having read that I am even more excited than ever before to have a child with my husband.

However, even though science progresses quickly... it is always a good idea to have a plan B in place. For that reason, Cassidy and I have also discussed the possibility of adopting a child or perhaps using one of his sister's eggs in order to have as much DNA of our two families as possible.

Right now we are still young and we don't know what life may bring in the next few years but if nothing else we have the right car in place! I recently traded in our 2007 Pontiac Wave (a.k.a. "Chupa-Chup") for a brand new fully-loaded Nissan Rogue. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to drive an SUV or cross-over. I set a goal in my mind years ago to get one and I can happily say that now more than ever it feels like I am really accomplished and that our life is fully on track.

I love my life!

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