Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Real Housewives Of Vancouver - First Impressions

Ok fellow Real Housewives' fans... Let's dish it out shall we?

First of all I'd like to say that I feel extremely privileged to live in such a beautiful and diverse city as Vancouver – it certainly looks great on screen and I’m proud to say that I have been to almost all of the spots the housewives went to on the first two episodes – like most foodies I love exploring the city’s hot spots and trendy shops.

In terms of the ladies, here are my first impressions:

JodyWOW – this woman gives the concept of verbal abuse a whole new meaning. I thought I liked her when she started talking to people at the market in their native language but I quickly changed my mind when she took out her claws and attacked Mary and Christina for no apparent reason.  She seems sweet at first but trust me she is full of nasty! Also, what's up with the gigantic earrings and jewelry?

Reiko – My favourite Vancouver housewife by far! She knows how to enjoy her money without making others feel inferior. She has a very expensive taste and she is not scared to flaunt it. I like the fact that she is not impressed by drama or cattiness and that she will defend others if she feels they are being attacked wrongfully. I totally want one of her three Ferraris. 

Christina – A gay boy’s dream BFF – I can totally see why her best friend is gay. She is fun, she is gorgeous, she has a kind heart, and she is actually quite vulnerable even through she may not necessarily show it. If I were throwing a party I’d definitely want her to attend.

Ronnie – I am a little confused when it comes to Ronnie. She definitely lives a lavish life and she’s got an amazing body but her friendship skills are a different story. She had no problem trash-talking her friends in front of others and she could not be bothered to defend poor Mary from Jody’s incessant attacks. I would not want Ronnie to be my friend and most certainly I would not want her to be my enemy. She’s one to watch for when it comes to drama this season I’m sure.

Mary – What a sweet woman. However, even sweetness can be bothersome at times. From what we’ve seen so far she’s definitely lacking a backbone. I would not go as far as Jody did by recommending that she goes to visit a therapist but she definitely needs to stand up for herself if she wants to survive in this group’s company.  I think Mary will surprise us by having the biggest transformation of the season. Has anyone heard her music before? I certainly haven't. 

I am very happy with the show and the cast. It will be lots of fun to watch and the drama seems to only get better from here. I have loved pretty much all of the prior editions of The Real Housewives and I must say that Vancouver does not look like it will disappoint. As Jody very well said: “Let The Games Begin” - It's on! What did you think?

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jarcamp said...

I didn't watch it but I will find it online and watch it. It sounds good.

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