Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How SocialSpark Gets Everyone Talking

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Yesterday I made the conscious decision to further promote my blog in order to get more readers and followers. I really enjoy the art of writing and as such I believe that blogs are a very effective medium of communication for sharing ideas and knowledge with people from all different walks of life.

In my search for tools to promote my blog I was introduced to SocialSpark by my dear friend Navjot - I must confess that until that moment I was not familiar with SocialSpark or their services. However, my eagerness to learn pushed me to join them almost immediately after finding out what they were all about.

The sign up process was very straight-forward and the overall layout of their website is extremely user-friendly and cheerful. To summarize, they ask you some questions about the nature of your blog, the topics you like to blog about, and also a bit about yourself in order to get the full picture.

For those of you who are not familiar with SocialSpark either, what they provide is a service that basically puts together the efforts of bloggers and advertisers in order to allow both of them to work towards a common goal: exposure. In other words, advertisers are able to get their products/services reviewed by bloggers and in turn bloggers can get some revenue and further promotion. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal huh? Well, it is!

I will definitely keep you posted on my progress but If you own a blog and would like to learn more about services like these make sure to click on some of the links below.


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