Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is Thanksgiving really just about the turkey and the stuffing?

Celebrating the holidays with my family and loved ones has always been one of my favourite pastimes - the food, the laughter, the conversations - they all make an essential part of these wonderful gatherings. In these modern times however it so easy to forget about the true meaning behind some of these holidays, and thanksgiving is a perfect example of this.

This year, my husband @guccisimo spent almost two weeks preparing to host our first ever thanksgiving dinner at our new home and seeing him go through all the preparations for this grand celebration made me reflect upon the meaning behind the words THANKS-GIVING.. It was exciting to be a part of his journey, as he meticulously selected recipes, ingredients and decorations to honour our guests. By the way, when I say honour I truly mean it, as when it comes down to hosting a dinner party Martha Stewart has nothing on him (although I must admit that he did follow her turkey recipe this year - but let's keep that our secret).

I believe that all his efforts in hosting a dinner like this come down to two things: love and appreciation. It is easy to go through our day to day activities without ever stopping for a minute to thank life for all the wonderful people and things we have. We all have priorities and busy agendas and that's a reality of life, but don't you think that giving thanks should also be a part of our schedules? I know we all have complaints, problems, and things we wish we could change in our lives but when it comes down to it we all are fortunate to be alive in this very moment and as such we should be thankful.

In the past few years our family has started a new thanksgiving tradition. Once we all sit down at the dinner table, we ask each of our guests to share some of the things they are thankful for in their life at this time. Listening to these stories can be eye-opening, as it reminds us of the many things we take for granted the other 364 days of the year. I encourage you to try this at your own thanksgiving celebrations this year - it's a wonderful experience. Also remember to take some time each day to slow down and reflect upon the many things you have to be grateful for. I know I will.

I wish you and your family a wonderful celebration this year!

Happy Thanksgiving... or in Turkey dialect... gobble gobble :)


Here are some pictures of our table this year.





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