Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Eatery: My Restaurant Self


I have been to The Eatery many times before but for some reason I had never really taken the time to talk about it until now. To me this little restaurant is the epitome of cool. It is located in the trendy Vancouver neighbourhood of Kitsilano where yogis and hipsters forget about their differences and go out for drinks instead.

I am certain that if you have never been to The Eatery before you will be shocked the first time you enter the restaurant. The decor is beyond over the top and fun with glow-in-the-dark vinyl toys and giant superheroes and octopi hanging from the ceiling. Astro Boy, Marilyn Monroe and Dick Tracy also reside on the restaurant's walls. As if this were not exhilarating enough, you can count on your senses also being stimulated by amazing electro beats from @darrenwoodhead and delicious and creative sushi rolls from the kitchen. My favourite roll is by far "The Beautiful" - scallop, avocado and mayo topped with smoked salmon - 2-DIE-FOR!~ - but I am also in love with the Pork or Chicken Katsu Curries - AMAZINGLY YUMMY.

I swear I must have been Japanese in another lifetime as I am strongly drawn towards Japanese culture, cartoons, toys, and above all FOOD! I am a huge sushi fan and as such I will never decline an offer to eat it. As a matter of fact I realized yesterday that I were to be a restaurant I would want to be The Eatery. If you have never made it to this gem, what on earth are you waiting for?? It's transit accessible and the staff are beyond friendly. Come on! Leave the house already and have a Sake Margarita on me :)

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